What is P-N junction diode?

what is P-N Junction diode

P-N junction Diode is a semiconductor device which has two terminal or two electrodes and allow electric current to flow only in one direction. If diode is in forward biased then it allow current to flow and act as an closed circuit ,but if the diode is in reverse biased then it block current flow and act as an open circuit.

In n-type semiconductor electron are majority carrier and hole are minority carrier whereas in P-type semiconductor hole are majority carrier and electron are minority carrier. When N-type semiconductor joined with P-type then P-N junction is formed and this is called P-N junction diode .

The pn junction diode are made of materials such as Silicon ,Germanium and gallium Arsenide .Silicon is more preferable over all other semiconductor material due to their temperature limit and other better performance

Symbol of P-N Junction Diode

The basic symbol of P-N Junction diode are given below

p=N Junction diode symbol

Biasing of P-N Junction Diode

Application of external voltage across the diode is called biasing if diode. External voltage can apply any of the two following method

Forward Biased

If the P-type semi conductor is connected to the positive terminal of the battery whereas N-type semiconductor is connected to the negative terminal of the battery then it is called Forward biasing .Under forward biasing of diode ,it allow current flowing up to certain limit according the design and specification.

Forward biasing

Reverse Basing

If the P-type semiconductor is connected to the negative terminal and N-type semiconductor is connected to the positive terminal of the battery or power sources then it is called Reverse biasing . Under reverse biasing of diode ,it block current flowing

Reverse biasing

Terminal of P-N Junction

P-N junction diode consist of two terminal one s positive and other s negative. At positive terminal of the diode all free electron will end and all holes will begins whereas in negative terminal all free electron will begins and all holes will end

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