What is Kirchoff’s laws?

What is Kirchoff's laws

What is Kirchoff’s Laws?Sometime we face a circuits where simplification by series and parallel combination are not possible and also ohm’s law can not applied to solve such circuits. This happen when there is more than one EMF in the circuit or when  resistor are connected in a complicated manner.Such circuit are called complex circuits .

Kirchoff's laws

To solve these types of complex circuits German physics Gustar Robert Kirchoff’s(1824-1887) gave two laws which is known as Kirchoff Laws.

There are two law which is use to solve the circuits

  • Kirchoff current Law
  • Kirchoff Voltage Law

Kirchoff’s current law

Kirchoff Law of current is related to the current at the junctions of an electric circuit and maybe state as under

“The sum of all currents meeting at a Junction in an electric circuit is zero  =0 “

Kirchoff’s Voltage law

Kirchoff Law of voltage is about the EMF and voltage in a closed circuit or a closed loop and may be stated as under

“In any closed electrical circuit the algebraic sum of all the electromotive force(e.m.f) and voltage drop in a resistor is equal to zero i-e.

Algebraic sum of emf + algebraic sum of voltage drops = zero

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