what is full form of VRV?

Full form of VRV is variable refrigerant volume which is invented by a japanses company named Daikin technology.Daikin call this technology by the name VRV and due to this name is the trademark of Daikin so other company are called this technology as VRF (variable refrigerant flow ).Both terms are same but the name are different only.

full form of VRV

It is also called Multi split air conditioning  because with the one outdoor we can used multiple indoor units. In this type of technology we can adjust heating and cooling by controlling the refrigerant flow and this is achieved by changing the speed of compressor.

VRF/VRV consumed less energy  and space due to the single outdoor unit therefore due to this advantages  number of VRF users are going on increasing day by day

Main Air conditioning companies

The following name of companies are front runner air-conditioning companies.



3-Blue Star






Block Diagram of VRF

The block diagram of VRF is shown below

block diagram of VRV

We can connect up to 60 indoor units of different sizes and capacity with a single outdoor unit .Two types of compressor are used in VRF units

  1. Digital scroll compressor
  2. Inverter Scroll compressor

Refrigerant used in these compressor are 410A and 407C.We can connect the indoor unit with the outdoor unit by piping up to 150 meter. For Split AC this is 15 meter. Up to 30% to 40 % power saving can achieved by using this type of system rather than split ac system in the building where a lot of indoor units are required.  

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