What is full form of MEP ?

Full form of MEP is Mechanical , electrical and plumbing .The term used in construction world and it is refer to the planning and design in the area of mechanical , electrical and plumbing system .MEP play important role in building to create comfort and make easy for the people which is staying in the building by providing electricity ,water sewerage etc in the building .

Most of the building hire MEP engineer to ensure the building maintenance which includes mostly Mechanical , electrical and plumbing. In commercial building MEP are designed by a engineering firm which is have high skill and speciality in this field .It is important for decision making , accurate documentation, planning ,estimation of cost , performance , construction and operation Maintenance of the given facilities.

MEP engineer and it’s team research and design according to the  engineering principles and supply the installer with the specifications which they develop. During design MEP engineer kept in mind the standards and the building requirements and as a result less fault occur when building are in operation .

full form of MEP

MEP components


The mechanical parts of MEP is HVAC system which is install in the building to  create comfort for the people.HVAC stand for Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning. We use two type of HVAC system normally in the building

1-VRV or VRF system

 VRV stand for Variable refrigerant volume and VRF stand for variable refrigerant Flow .VRV system was launched by Daikin Company in 1982.

Mechanical MEP

   Types of VRV system

     Cooling type VRV

     Heating Pump VRV

     Heating Recovery VRV

2-Chiller plant system

    Air cool Chiller

    Water cool chiller


The electrical parts of MEP include electrification of building ,wiring and earthing .MEP engineer design the electrification of building keeping in mind the requirement of building and standardization code. Residential building need only single phase wiring and sometime three phase according to the load and requirement

In commercial and industrial area three phase wire are required according to the load.MEP engineer design the wiring diagram/drawing which include code ,symbol and specification.  

Electrical MEP


Plumbing system include piping for water supply ,Sewerage pipe installation ,storm and natural gas pipe installation. Plumbing for HVAC system involved the transfer of coolant, pressurized air ,water and occasional other substance

Plumbing MEP

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