What is full form of MCB ?

What is full form of MCB ?MCB Abbreviated miniature circuit breaker (MCB)  which  switch off electrical circuit automatically during an abnormal condition of the circuit  means in overload condition as well as faulty condition.

Full form of MCB

Full form of MCB is Miniature Circuit Breaker and Nowadays MCB are used  in low voltage electrical circuit in the home and commercial areas instead of a fuse. In more reliable way circuit breaker sense the fault but the fuse does not sense in that way. As compare to fuse MCB is much more sensitive to over current .

MCB is more safer by handling than a fuse. Quick restoration of power supply is possible  after the fault removal in case of circuit breaker then a fuses because fuses must be re-wire able or replaced for restoring the supply. Electricity restoration in MCB  is  possible easily by just switching it ON

The current rating of this circuit breaker is less then 100A and has only one over current protection built within it. In this type the tripping characteristic are normally not adjustable It has thermal or magnetic operation for contact opening and closing  

Working Principle

When an over current flow through the MCB,the bimetallic strip is heated and it will defects by bending and due to this  deflection of bimetallic strip it will releases a mechanical latch. This  mechanical latch is attached with the operating mechanism,  due to which the miniature circuit breaker contact opened as  result of it and the MCB turns off  stopping the current to flow in the circuit. To restart  the miniature circuit breaker it must be manually turned ON. Due to mechanism  MCB protects the circuit  from over current or overload.

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