What is full form of LED?

Full form of LED

What is full form of LED?LED stand for Light emitting diode and it is a semiconductor device which emit light when current flow through it. Electron in the semiconductor recombines with electron holes and as a result energy release in the form of photon. The color of the light depends upon the energy required for electron to cross the band gap of the semiconductor.

Light is produced within the solid semiconductor device therefore LED(Full form is light of LED is light emitting diode) is describing as solid state device. The term solid state LED include also Organic LEDs(OLEDs) which distinguished this lighting technology from the other lighting  sources that are used heated filament such as incandescent light and tungsten halogen lamp or gas discharge light (flu orescent light)

Working of LED

When the forward biased is applied on the P-N junction of the diode ,minority carrier electrons are  injected into the p-region and corresponding minority carrier electrons are injected into the n0region.photon emission occur due to the electron –hole recombination in the p-region

LED working

Electron energy transitions across the energy gap which is called radioactive recombination, produce photons (i.e., light), while shunt energy transitions which is called non-radioactive recombination, produce phonons (i.e., heat).

LED Materials

The material which us used in LED manufacturing are given below.

  • Indium Gallium Nitride (InGaN); Blue ,green and ultraviolet light –Brightness LED
  • Gallum Phosphate (GaP); Yellow and Green LEDs.
  • Aluminum Gallium Arsenide (AlGaAs) ;Red and infrared LEDs.
  • Aluminium Gallium indium phosphate (AlGaInP) ;Yellow ,orange and red high-brightness LEDs

Top manufacturer of LED


2-Nichia –Japan

3-Toyoda Gosei-Japan

4-OSRAM –Germany

5-Lumileds-San Jose

6-Seoul Semconductor-South Korea

7- LG Innotek- South Korea

8- Edison Opto- Taiwan

9- EPISTAR- Taiwan

10- San’an Optoelectronics- China

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