What is full form of CB?

What is full form of CB?CB abbreviated  circuit breaker is an electrical switches operate automatically which is used to protect an electrical circuit from damage due to  excessive current flowing through it when the circuit is overload or short circuit.Basic function  of circuit breaker is to interrupt current flow  when the fault is detected

Full form of CB is Circuit breaker and it is an electrical switches which can be operated automatically or  manually for controlling and protecting the electrical circuits.

Full form of CB

 Circuit breaker can be reset manually or automatically to resume the normal operation but a fuse  cannot reset and must be replace.

Working Principle of Circuit Breaker

Circuit  breaker  consist  of  fixed and  moving  contacts Under normal condition these contacts touch each other and carry current with the rated value for which it is design.When the circuit breaker closed the current carrying contacts which is called electrodes engage each other under the pressure of a spring

Whenever a fault occurs at any part of the circuit, the current flow much in the tripping coil due to which the tripping  coil of the breaker gets energized and  as a result moving contacts are getting apart from fixed contacts  by some mechanism, thus opening the circuit.

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