Water Level Indicator Circuit

We typically bother about the wastage of water, as soon as we turn on the motor and forget to turn off. The Water Level Indicator circuit hires a method this is certainly easy detect and show the water-level in an expense tank or other water container. In this article, we will provide a useful and inexpensive method of water level indication for water saving and automatic turn on and off the motor. This circuit indicates the amount of water within the liquid container using LED and transistor.

Components used

1-9 v Battery or power supply

2-3 LEDs

3-Three 220ohms resistor

4-BC547 Transistor


6- Pieces of wire

Circuit Diagram and working

To operate water level indicator circuit we will use + 9V dry cell/battery .In this circuit arrangement we will use transistors as a switch. When the water level of container touches the wires which is connected with the base of transistor, a small current start flowing through the transistor as a result LED turn on. There is a buzzer connected with last transistor as the water level touches the last transistor the current start flowing from emitter to collector as a result buzzer rings. In this circuit we can use relay which will operate 9v instead of buzzer to auto control the water level in the tank.

Water Level Indicator Circuit
Water Level Indicator Circuit

BC547 Transistor Pinout

Uses of project

  • Water tank level control
  • It is used in factories, commercial complexes, apartments, home
  • Automatically turn ON/OFF water pumps,
  • Pump controller Auto
  • Leach-ate level control
  • Cooling tower water level control
  • Sewage pump level control
  • Oil tank level control and indicator
  • High & low-level alarms
  • Pool water level control
  • Stream level monitoring auto
  • Fuel tank level indicator
  • Remote monitoring liquid

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Water Level Indicator Circuit

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