Types of HVAC System:

There are many types of HVAC system which is used nowadays in our daily life some of them are discuss below

Split Type HVAC System

types of HVAC system 
splite type

Package Air Conditioner System

Two type of Package Air Conditioner System

Package Air Condition with water cooled condenser:

 This type of air conditioner system need continues supply of water as to keep working order.

Package Air Conditioner with air cooled condenser:

These devices have a fan that suck in air before blowing it onto the condenser coil, much like in the larger rooftop units.

package type HVAC system

Ducted HVAC System.

Ducted HVAC Systems are the most commonly used HVAC system in large building and other place. This system takes cool Air and circulates it through a system of supply duets and return registries. These supply duets and register can be found in many locations. As the system carries the cool air through the home, it becomes warmer as it travels through the system. The air than circulate back to the central air conditioner through the return duets and registers. A benefit of a central air conditioner system is that it helps dehumidify the incoming air but with extreme humidity you may have to insert in a dehumidifier to help lower the moister in the air.

Types of HVAC system

Ductless HVAC System.

This type of air conditioner is largely use at home, offices where we cannot install duct. A Ductless mini split AC does not required duct to work because it has an AC or heat pump outside that connect to units in the home that handle the cooling being push into them from outside. You can control the temperature of the whole home or just a room by the remote controlling. Heat pumps are the third option pulling the heat or put the heat back into the earth in order to cool or heat your home or room. A heat pump in a type of split system that is used for the both function heating and cooling of your home.

Types of HVAC system

There two types of heat pump available:

Air Source Heat Pump;

It is heat pump which pulls the heat from the outdoor units.

Geothermal Heat Pump;

This type of heat pump also known as ground source heat pump, which pull the heat from or put the heat back into the earth in order to cool and heat your home     

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