Two Type of Transistor

There are many type of transistor but the main two types are given below .

1-Bipolar Junction transistor (BJT)

2-Field Effect Transistor(FET)

two type of transistor

Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT)

Bipolar junction transistor have three terminals which is emitter ,base and collector. By controlling the flow of current between base and emitter we can control the current flowing between emitter and collector.BJT have two types.

1-PNP Transistor

In this type of BJT one n-type material is placed in between the two p-type materials.PNP transistor consist of 2 crystal diode which are connected in series. The transistor right side are known as collector-base diode and left side are known as emitter-base diode.

PNP transistor

2- NPN transistor

In this type of BJT one p-type material are placed in between the two n0type materials. This type of transistor are used to amplify the weak signals in electronic circuit. In his type of transistor electron move from emitter to collector as a result current flow from emitter to collector

NPN transistor

Field Effect Transistor(FET)

The FET is the types of transistor which have three terminals Source ,Gate and Drain. In this type of transistor the current between source and drain can control by the gate voltage.FET is unipolar transistor in which only majority carrier is responsible for the current flow.FET have N-channel and P channel for conduction.FET are mainly used in analogue switch, low noise amplifier and buffer amplifier.

Two Type of transistor

There is a lot pf transistor types which is MOSFET ,JFET ,insulated-gaye bipolar transistor, thin film transistor, Inverted-T field effect transistor, organic field –effect transistor(OFET)diffusion transistor, fast-reverse epitaxial diode field-effect transistor(FREDFET)schottky transistor, tunnel field effect transistor, high electron mobility transistor etc

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