What is ventilator?

Ventilator s a device which s used to provide mechanical ventilation to those patient who cannot breath normally by moving breathable air into and out of the lungs . Modern ventilation are controlled through computerized microprocessor controlled machined but patient can also be ventilated ...Read More

Top Solar Energy Company

Before discussing the Top solar energy company name firstly we discuss about solar energy . Solar power is a conversion of energy from sunlight in to electrical energy either direct using photovoltaic or indirectly using concentrated solar power . Solar panel is a device that convert ...Read More

Top LED manufacturing Company

Before we discussing Top LED manufacturing company name firstly discuss about LED. LED stand for Light emitting diode and these diode are semiconductor which can conduct electrical current. When the electric voltage is applied across the diode as a result te electric current flow ...Read More

What is Full form of PLC

What is Full form of PLC ?PLC abbreviated Programmable Logic Controller. In this article we will discuss about basics of Programmable logic controller,the most essential component of industrial automation. Full form of PLC is programmable logic controller and it is a special purpose computer ...Read More

What is full form of DOL?

What is full form of DOL? DOL means Direct Online starter which is used to start the induction motor .Different types of techniques are  used to start induction motor with safe starting current  because  these motors utilize more power for starting.  During starting when ...Read More

What is full form of MCB ?

What is full form of MCB ?MCB Abbreviated miniature circuit breaker (MCB)  which  switch off electrical circuit automatically during an abnormal condition of the circuit  means in overload condition as well as faulty condition. Full form of MCB is Miniature Circuit Breaker and Nowadays ...Read More

What is full form of ACB?

What is full form of ACB?ACB means Air circuit breaker which will operate in the air means the arc  quenching medium is atmospheric pressure. Because of better insulating properties of oil in many countries the air circuit breaker is replaced by oil circuit breaker. ...Read More

What is full form of OCB?

What is full form of OCB?OCB means Oil Circuit Breaker and oil is used as a arc quenching medium as well as insulating medium, but mineral oil is preferable. Oil has better insulating property than air. The moving contact and fixed contact are immerged ...Read More

What is full form of CB?

What is full form of CB?CB abbreviated  circuit breaker is an electrical switches operate automatically which is used to protect an electrical circuit from damage due to  excessive current flowing through it when the circuit is overload or short circuit.Basic function  of circuit breaker is ...Read More

What is full form of VFD?

What is full form of VFD? VFD stands for Variable Frequency Drive. They are used for running an AC motor at variable speeds or it is used to smooth startup of the AC motor.Some people simply call them drives. VFD work by adjusting the ...Read More