What is an insulator?

What is an insulator? It is a material which cannot conduct electrical current. It have high resistivity and low conductivity. Atom of the ins have tightly bound electron and therefore cannot move throughout of material. Due to the electrons are static and not freely ...Read More

What is Skin effect?

What is Skin effect?The distribution of current over the cross section of the conductor is uniform in DC only. In alternating current flow through a conductor does not distribute uniformly but it will concentrate near the surface of the conductor. In fact, in AC ...Read More

What is Conductor?

What is Conductor?Conductor is one of the important item is in a Transmission and distribution system of electric power. The cost of the conductor material accounts for a major part of the total cost .So proper choice of conductive material and size of the ...Read More

What is Schottky Diode?

 What is Schottky diode?It is a type of  diode that has less forward voltage drop than the P-N junction diode and can be used in high-speed switching applications. In Schottky diode ,p-type semiconductor is replace by metals such as aluminum or platinum. The  schottky ...Read More

What is Coulomb’s Law?

What is Coulomb’s Law?Coulomb law was firstly published by Charles  Augustin de Coulomb in 1785.The  apparatus used in finding coulomb law is known as Torsion Balance .By the use of Torsion Balance we can accurately measure the  force and distance between the two charges. ...Read More

What is Varactor Diode?

What is Varactor Diode?It is type of Diode whose internal capacitance varies with the variation of reverse voltage. This type of diode is used to store charges. The Varactor diode work always in reverse biased and it is voltage dependent semiconductor device.The term Varactor ...Read More

What is Tunnel Diode?

What is Tunnel Diode?Tunnel or Esaki Diode is a heavy doped P-N junction semiconductor device  which have negative resistance characteristic due to their quantum mechanical effect called tunneling  or it is type of diode in which the electric current decrease as the voltage increase. ...Read More