What is Wheatstone Bridge?

What is Wheatstone Bridge?The  bridge was first developed by Samul Hunter Charlie in 1833and it is popularized Chalie Wheatstone in 1843 .It is used for measuring accurately the value of an unknown resistance. Although today the digital multimeter is used to measure the resistance ...Read More

What is Thermistor?

What is Thermistor?A resistor made of semiconductors having resistance that varies rapidly and predictably with temperature  is known as  thermistor . It (short for thermal resistor) is heat sensitive device usually made of a semiconductor material whose resistance changes very rapidly with change of ...Read More

What is Rheostats?

What is Rheostats? Rheostats is an instrument which is used to control the electrical current in a circuit by varying the circuit resistance. To use the variable resistor as a current controlled device one of the two fixed terminals say A and B ,and ...Read More

Potential divider

Potential divider provide a convenient way of getting a variable PD (potential difference)from a  fixed potential difference .With the help of the battery a potential difference V is applied across the end A and B of the resistor.Let R be the resistance of the ...Read More

Wire wound variable resistor

What is Wire wound variable resistor?High stability and higher accuracy resistor are always wire wound. It is enclosed in an  insulating cover. Generally Nickel chromium is used because of its very small temperature coefficient of resistance. Wire wound resistor can safely operate at high ...Read More

Temperature Co-efficient of Resistance

What is Temperature Co-efficient of Resistance? Consider a conductor having resistance R0 at 00C and RT at T0 C.It is found that normal range of temperature ,the increase in resistance (Rt-R0) is Directly proportional to the initial resistance i-e                         RT-R0α R0 2. It ...Read More