Light dimmer circuit

This project is about the light dimmer circuit by using TRIAC .By using this circuit we can control the power up to 1000w easily with the help of BT139.In this circuit we used 500k potentiometer which is used to adjust the triggering circuit of light dimmer. This circuit is used in fan dimmer which is common in the market.

Circuit Diagram

There is a lot of cases where we need to control the power of incandescent lamps. With the help of this circuit we can control power up to 1000W.In this circuit we used  DIAC and TRIAC as a output power controller with the help of resistor, capacitor and potentiometer. This circuit is base on the phase control principle.

light dimmer circuit

Light Dimmer circuit Components

1-Potentiometer 500K

2-Capacitor 10 nF

3-Capacitor 100 nF



6-Resistor 3.9 k


  • It is used in Fan dimmer circuit which is commonly available in the market
  • It is used to control the light for example some time we need to control the power of incandescent lamps

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