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What is Sag and tension?

What is Sag and tension ?In a overhead transmission line conductor are supported at the towers or at the pole for low voltage transmission lines. The conductor are pulled and string effected. When the conductor are supported in this manner ,it will sag or ...Read More

What is an insulator?

What is an insulator? It is a material which cannot conduct electrical current. It have high resistivity and low conductivity. Atom of the ins have tightly bound electron and therefore cannot move throughout of material. Due to the electrons are static and not freely ...Read More

What is Skin effect?

What is Skin effect?The distribution of current over the cross section of the conductor is uniform in DC only. In alternating current flow through a conductor does not distribute uniformly but it will concentrate near the surface of the conductor. In fact, in AC ...Read More

What is Transmission line ?

What is Transmission line?Large Generating station are used fir the economical power generation. Recently capacities of generating set have gone up.Generating set in the range of 10 MW ,210 MW and 500 MW are manufactured in the world .generating station are obviously located at ...Read More