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What is Varactor Diode?

What is Varactor Diode?It is type of Diode whose internal capacitance varies with the variation of reverse voltage. This type of diode is used to store charges. The Varactor diode work always in reverse biased and it is voltage dependent semiconductor device.The term Varactor ...Read More

What is Tunnel Diode?

What is Tunnel Diode?Tunnel or Esaki Diode is a heavy doped P-N junction semiconductor device  which have negative resistance characteristic due to their quantum mechanical effect called tunneling  or it is type of diode in which the electric current decrease as the voltage increase. ...Read More

What is a Photodiode?

What is a Photodiode? It is a P-N junction type semiconductor device which generated electric current or voltage when it exposed to sunlight. In the photodiode between then P-type and N-type region an intrinsic layer s present. Light energy is used as input in ...Read More

World Top LED manufacturer

World Top LED manufacturer name with their country name are given below(World top LED manufacturer name? 1-CREE –USA 2-Nichia –Japan 3-Toyoda Gosei-Japan 4-OSRAM –Germany 5-Lumileds-San Jose 6-Seoul Semconductor-South Korea 7- LG Innotek- South Korea 8- Edison Opto- Taiwan 9- EPISTAR- Taiwan 10- San’an Optoelectronics- ...Read More

What is an LED?

Light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device which emit light when current flow through it. Electron in the semiconductor recombines with electron holes and as a result energy release in the form of photon. The color of the light depends upon the energy ...Read More

What is Zener Diode?

What is Zener diode ?It is a type of diode which is operate in reverse biased condition.Zener diode is highly doped specially design diode . Working principle of Zener diode When PN junction diode is reverse biased by connected the battery positive terminal to ...Read More

What is Diode?

What is Diode?It is an electronic component which can conduct current in only one direction ( as long as it is operated in a specific  voltage level).Ideal Diode has zero resistance on forward direction and infant resistance in reverse direction . In practical diode ...Read More

Top 10 N95 Mask Manufacturers

The top 10 N95 mask manufacturers and other medical equipment and safety product manufacturer name and detail about the company are given below. 3M The 3M Company is an American multinational conglomerate corporation which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers for surgical masks, ...Read More