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What is Coulomb’s Law?

What is Coulomb’s Law?Coulomb law was firstly published by Charles  Augustin de Coulomb in 1785.The  apparatus used in finding coulomb law is known as Torsion Balance .By the use of Torsion Balance we can accurately measure the  force and distance between the two charges. ...Read More

What is Lenz’s Law

What is Lenz’s Law .Lenz’s Law was deduced in 1834 by Russian Physicist name Heinrich Lenz(1804-1865) and according to Lenz’s Law “The direction of current in a conductor by changing magnetic field  (according to Faraday Law of induction)is such that the magnetic field  created ...Read More

Fleming’s Left hand rule

what is Fleming’s left hand rule?According to Fleming’s left hand rule When a current carrying conductor is placed inside a magnetic field ,a force act on the conductor ,in a direction perpendicular to both the direction of current and magnetic field To determine the ...Read More