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Types of HVAC System:

There are many types of HVAC system which is used nowadays in our daily life some of them are discuss below Split Type HVAC System Package Air Conditioner System Two type of Package Air Conditioner System Package Air Condition with water cooled condenser:  This ...Read More

Full form of HVAC system

The full form of HVAC system is “ Heating Ventilation and air conditioning  or HVAC stand for Heating ventilation and air conditioning. HAC System control the indoor environment which include temperature ,humidity ,air flow and air filtering. Basic function of HVAC system is mechanical ...Read More

what is full form of VRV?

Full form of VRV is variable refrigerant volume which is invented by a japanses company named Daikin technology.Daikin call this technology by the name VRV and due to this name is the trademark of Daikin so other company are called this technology as VRF ...Read More

What is Magnetic flux?

What is Magnetic flux?It is defined as the number of magnetic field lines which pass through the close surface. It is the total magnetic field passing through the surface area. The area of magnetic field which will consider can be of any size and ...Read More

What is Magnetism?

What is Magnetism?A magnetism is a phenomenon which is related to the magnetic field, which arise from the motion of electric charges and due to this motion field produced which attract or repel other objects. A magnet (from Greek magnetization stone) is a material ...Read More

What is Wheatstone Bridge?

What is Wheatstone Bridge?The  bridge was first developed by Samul Hunter Charlie in 1833and it is popularized Chalie Wheatstone in 1843 .It is used for measuring accurately the value of an unknown resistance. Although today the digital multimeter is used to measure the resistance ...Read More