1.5 DC to 220 AC Inverter

There is a lot of method through which we can convert the dc voltage in o AC voltage .In this Project we will discuss about the simple low power inverter(1.5 DC to 220 Ac Inverter). To make this simple project we used components which are available in our home scrap or easily available in the market. The inverter Circuit is used to convert the DC current in to Ac current.

1.5 DC to 220 AC inverter

There are two type of inverter which is true /pre sine inverter and quasi or modified inverter. The pure sine inverter are more costly then the modified or quasi inverter .In modified or quasi inverter we used transistor and transformer to converter the DC current in to AC current.

Components used

1-Transistor 13003 or 13005 or any NPN transistor

2-Transformer from old mobile charger

During the section of transformer pin we used the point of transformer as a output where maximum resistance is available.

1.5 Dc to 220 Ac inverter

Selection of Transistor

To make 1.5 Dc to 220 AC inverter project we can used any NPN transistor like D13003 or D13005..The point of D13003 transistor are shown in the figure below.

transistor pin and selection

Transformer Point

 In the transformer if the 3 and 4 point have maximum resistance then we used these points for output. If 5 and 6 point have maximum resistance we used these point for output

1.5 DC to 220 AC inverter ,,,transformer pin


This circuit can be used for low power up to 1 watts

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