What is Proximity effect?

proximity effect

What is proximity effect?Proximity effect and therefore the current distribution in a conductor is also affected by the presence of other conductor its vicinity this effect is known as the proximity effect

During considering the skin effect it was assume that there is no other current carrying conductor but when current carrying conductor is present nearby ,its flux link with the conductor and it will consider  and it effect is more than the conductor which s farther away too much.

proximity effect if current in same direction
if current in opposite direction

If conductor early  currents in the opposite direction the magnetic field set up will tend to cause an increase in the current density in the adjacent portion of the conductor while it the current are in same direction, the current density is increase in remote part of the conductor.

So like skin effect ,proximity effect affect the current distribution and as a result increase the resistance of the conductor and decrease the self reactance. Like skin effect the proximity effect also depend upon the size of conductor ,frequency of supply ,resistivity and relative permeability. This phenomenon is more pronounced for large conductors ,high frequencies and closed proximity. The magnitude of the effect is very small for normal supply frequencies and wide spacing which can be ignored. However the proximity effect is pronounced in case of cable where the spacing between the conductors is small.

In the case of stranded conductor ,each wire traverse alternately weaker and stronger portion of magnetic field caused by the external current carrying conductor. Thus the average value of the field along the path of any wire remain the same ,and assuming that the currents in the conductors follow to a large extent the paths of the individual wires ,the proximity effect s substantially eliminated.

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