What is Full form of PLC

What is Full form of PLC ?PLC abbreviated Programmable Logic Controller. In this article we will discuss about basics of Programmable logic controller,the most essential component of industrial automation.

full form of PLC

Full form of PLC is programmable logic controller and it is a special purpose computer which has no display, no keyboard, no printer, no hard drive,and present inside the control panel of the factory.Initially, the PLC was a replacement of relay inside the control panel for switching
Running the machine by using relays as logic was time-consuming and challenging,and making a change in the logic or the operation of the machine was almost as complicated as starting over and also relays use a lot of electricity,make lots of heat and soot, and take up lots of space.

Component of PLC

PLC has following basic components

  • Input/output Modules
  • Power Supply
  • Central processing Unit or CPU
  • Co-processor Modules
  • Software
  • Peripheral Devices

Advantages of PLC

There is alot of advantage of PLC over Relay

  • Flexibility
  • Easy of troubleshooting
  • Space efficiency
  • Low cost
  • Testing
  • Visual operation

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