Solar System Installation

Before Solar system installation we should know the basic component of solar system .

  • Solar Panel
  • Solar Charger controller
  • Inverter
  • Battery Bank

Type of Solar Panel

There are four most common solar panel

1-Monocrystalline Solar Panel (Mono-SI )

MOno crystalline solar

2-Polycrystalline solar panel ( p-Si )

polycrystalline solar panel

3-Thin-Film :Amorphous Silicon    Solar Panels ( A-SI )

Thin Flim Solar panel

4-Concentrated PV Cell ( CVP )

Solar system Installation

For the installation of solar system at home we should first calculate the load

Load Calculation

For example three energy saver

(25 watt each) 25×3+10=85watts

02 fan( 100 watt each)2×100+20=220watts

       Total Load 85+220=305watts

If you want to used in for 06 hour then

Total Store Power need 305×6=1830watts

So  we need 1830 watts power for 06 hours

For solar system installation we calculate  number of solar panel which is needed.

Solar Panel Calculation:

Total sun light duration=07 hours

Total required energy=1830watts

Solar panel need=1830/07=262watts

262+131(50% Extra)=393watts=Approx 400 watt

So we need 400 watt solar panel

Battery required

To install solar system at home we should calculate the battery requirement

Total energy for 06 hour=1830watts

Battery rating =1830/12

    153 approx+50 Extra=203Ampere

So we need 200 Ampere battery

To Five Battery Brand

The following are top 05 brand name of battery






Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter are used to convert DC in to AC and Vice versa

Solar Inverter are choosen according to the running load.

PWM and MPPT Solar inverter are commonly used

Top Five inverter Brand



3-Infini by Voltronic

4-Axpert by Voltronic inverter

5-Cyber Power

Solar Charger

Solar charger function is to control the charging process.

Its also stop complete Battery discharging

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