What is Leveling sensor ?

What is Leveling sensor ?When you enter in your car to go somewhere  you mostly look at your gas gauge or fuel gauge, which is a type of a level sensor. Industries use several different types of level sensors to detect their products. In ...Read More

What is Transformer?

Transformers are the device which is capable of receiving AC power at one voltage and delivering it at another voltage. In this way  transformer help in achieve better transmission efficiency, while transferring the power over longer distances with high voltages. In this article  we ...Read More

Electrical Formula

The electrical formula for calculating the Horsepower , Watts .Ampere and KVA are given below . Need to find Electrical Formula   Horsepower DC (Volts x Ampere x Efficiency)/746   Horsepower AC (Volts x Amperex1.732xefficiency  x power factor  )/746   Watts DC Volts x ...Read More

Automatic Star Delta Starter

What is Star Delta Starter?Most small size induction motors are started directly by direct  on line starter, but when very large motors are started with this way, they cause a disturbance of voltage on the supply lines due to large starting current surges. To ...Read More

What is Start and Delta Connection?

what is star and delta connection. We mostly use the terms star delta connection in electrical systems when we  discussing three phase AC circuits especially in Electric Motor ,Generator ,Transformer connections . STAR Connection In Star connection the similar end of the three coils ...Read More


This section include MCQs about DC motor for test preparation An electric motor is a machine which convert electrical  energy   in to mechanical energy .Its principle is that when a current carrying conductor is place in a magnetic field its experience a force which ...Read More

What is Insulator ?Its Types

What is Insulator ?It is a material that do not conduct electricity under normal condition.                                                        Or  It is a material whose internal electric charges does not flow freely . Paper, plastic, rubber, glass and air are insulating material .Vacuum is also the insulator ...Read More

Wind speed and energy new research

A new research  suggests that global wind speeds have increased substantially since 2010 after decades of decline.Due to which wind energy increase 37% Scientists believe that  due to the changes in the patterns of ocean and atmospheric circulation the wind speed increased . The ...Read More