What is Electrical Relay ?

what is electrical relay??It is the most essential component for protection and switching of various  control circuits & other electrical components. It react to voltage or current  by performing open or close the contacts or circuits.  Relay is an electrical switch that control a high ...Read More

What is contactor ?

The magnetic contactor is an electrical switches (electrical controlled ) which is used for switching electrical power circuit. It work on  basic electromagnetic principles.It is not a protection device. It cannot used as a protection devices like circuit breaker etc.. The basic purpose of ...Read More

What is Permittivity ?

what is permittivity??In electromagnetism permittivity which called absolute permittivity  is denoted by the Greek latter Ꜫ ( Epsilon). Ꜫ describe the amount of charge needed to generate one unit of electric flux in given medium The SI unit of Ꜫ is Farad/meter or F/m ...Read More

what is RLC Circuit??

In this section we will discuss about RLC Circuit??? Resistance                  Resistance is the property of a substance due  to which its oppose the flow of electron i.e electric current through it .The unit of resistance is Ohm (Ω ) Resistance in Series If ...Read More