What is Faraday Law of Induction

Faraday Law  which is the fundamental law of electromagnetism demonstrating how a magnetic field will interact with an electric field to produced electromotive force (EMF) and this phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction

In 1831, Micheal Farady formulated two laws on the basis of their experiments

Faraday First Exp


This law is the fundamental principle of electrical motor ,Generator and transformer

Faraday First  law states

“whenever a conductor is placed inside a varying magnetic field , emf will induced in the conductor and this emf is called induced emf evermore if the conductor circuit are closed then current will also flow through conductor which is called induced  current .


When a conductor is rotated in a magnetic field ,emf will induced which is called induced emf .

Faraday Law equation
faraday Law equation


            emf is induced electromotiveforce

           Negative sign  according to  Len;s law

           N is No of loops

           d@/dt is the rate of change of flux linkages with time

Lenz’s Law

The current from the induced emf will produced a magnetic field and this magnetic field which will always oppose the original change in the magnetic field .

Application of Faraday Law

Faraday Law of electromagnetic induction has found many application including many electrical things such as inductors, transformer, motor ,generator and many more,

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