Electrical Formula

The electrical formula for calculating the Horsepower , Watts .Ampere and KVA are given below .

Need to find Electrical Formula  
Horsepower DC (Volts x Ampere x Efficiency)/746  
Horsepower AC (Volts x Amperex1.732xefficiency  x power factor  )/746  
Watts DC Volts x Amperes  
Watts AC Volts x amperes x Power factor x 1.732  
Kilowatts (Volts x amperes x Power factor x 1.732)/1000  
Ampere DC Watts/Volts  
Ampere AC (746 x Horsepower )/(Volts x efficiency x power factor x 1.732 )  
KVA (volts x ampere x 1.732)/1000  
Fan Motor HP ( CFM x pressure (lbs/sq ft) )/ (3300 x efficiency )  
Pump Motor HP ( GPM x Head (ft) x specific gravity )/(3960 x efficiency of pump )  

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