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About solar system its types with installation detail.

Solar System Installation

Before Solar system installation we should know the basic component of solar system . Solar Panel Solar Charger controller Inverter Battery Bank Type of Solar Panel There are four most common solar panel 1-Monocrystalline Solar Panel (Mono-SI ) 2-Polycrystalline solar panel ( p-Si ) 3-Thin-Film :Amorphous Silicon    Solar Panels ( A-SI ) 4-Concentrated PV Cell… Read More »

Solar Panel and its Types

Solar power is a conversion of energy from sunlight in to electrical energy either direct using photovoltaic or indirectly using concentrated solar power . Solar panel is a device that convert light energy in to electrical energy . History of solar panels An American inverter Russel Ohl,invent on the payroll of Bell Laboratories patented the… Read More »