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This section include MCQs about DC motor for test preparation An electric motor is a machine which convert electrical  energy   in to mechanical energy .Its principle is that when a current carrying conductor is place in a magnetic field its experience a force which ...Read More

DC Generator MCQs

DC Generator MCQs for test preparation 1-Laminations of core are generally made of case iron carbon silicon steel stainless 2-Following may be  lamina-proximately the thickness of laminations of a D.C. machine ? (a) 0.005 mm 0.05 mm 0.5 m 5 3- D.C. generator Armature ...Read More

Synchronous Generator MCQs

Synchronous Generator related MCQs for Test Preparation 1-Voltage drop occur in an alternator in Armature resistance only Armature resistance and leakage reactance leakage reactance Armature resistance  and armature reaction leakage reactance ,armature reaction, Armature resistance and earth connection 2-The load factor of alternator or ...Read More