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What is full form of DOL?

What is full form of DOL? DOL means Direct Online starter which is used to start the induction motor .Different types of techniques are  used to start induction motor with safe starting current  because  these motors utilize more power for starting.  During starting when the flow of current through windings is high then there will… Read More »

What is Transformer?

Transformers are the device which is capable of receiving AC power at one voltage and delivering it at another voltage. In this way  transformer help in achieve better transmission efficiency, while transferring the power over longer distances with high voltages. In this article  we will go through the working and construction of a three-phase transformer,… Read More »

How DC Motor work ?? Motor Principle

An electric motor is a machine which convert electrical  energy   in to mechanical energy .Its principle is that when a current carrying conductor is place in a magnetic field its experience a force which direction is given by Fleming left hand Rule and magnitude is given by F=BIL Newton There is no difference between the… Read More »

what is DC Generator ??– Generator Principle

An electrical  generator or DC Generator is a machine that convert mechanical energy in to electrical energy  or electricity The energy conversion is based on the principle faraday law of electromagnetic induction. Generator Construction     DC Generator consist of the following essential parts 1-Magnetic Frame or Yoke 2-Pole-Cores and Pole Shoes 3-Pole Coils or Field… Read More »