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What is electric polarization?When insulating material with relative permittivity (or dielectric constant) Eo is inserted into an initially charged parallel plates of a capacitor. Then negative charges appear on the left face and positive charges on the right face of the dielectric  The phenomenon ...Read More


In early 1821, Thomas Seebeck searched experimentally for a relation between electricity and heat. He joined two wires of two dissimilar metals to form a circuit. He discovered that if one junction is heated to a high temperature, and the other junction remained at ...Read More

What is Coulomb’s Law?

What is Coulomb’s Law?Coulomb law was firstly published by Charles  Augustin de Coulomb in 1785.The  apparatus used in finding coulomb law is known as Torsion Balance .By the use of Torsion Balance we can accurately measure the  force and distance between the two charges. ...Read More

Top LED importer Of Pakistan

The List of Top LED importer of Pakistan is given below with their detail and contact no. Future Energy solution Business type: Whole sale supplier of electrical utilities ,distributor and importer Product type:LED Light Address; 277 model town Islamabad, Islamabad, Islamabad Pakistan 44000 Telephone ...Read More

Electrical Formula

The electrical formula for calculating the Horsepower , Watts .Ampere and KVA are given below . Need to find Electrical Formula   Horsepower DC (Volts x Ampere x Efficiency)/746   Horsepower AC (Volts x Amperex1.732xefficiency  x power factor  )/746   Watts DC Volts x ...Read More