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Top LED manufacturing Company

Before we discussing Top LED manufacturing company name firstly discuss about LED. LED stand for Light emitting diode and these diode are semiconductor which can conduct electrical current. When the electric voltage is applied across the diode as a result te electric current flow and diode emit photons (light energy). Tope LED manufacturing company are… Read More »

Electrical Formula

The electrical formula for calculating the Horsepower , Watts .Ampere and KVA are given below . Need to find Electrical Formula   Horsepower DC (Volts x Ampere x Efficiency)/746   Horsepower AC (Volts x Amperex1.732xefficiency  x power factor  )/746   Watts DC Volts x Amperes   Watts AC Volts x amperes x Power factor x… Read More »

What is Susceptibility ?

What is Magnetic susceptibility?? Susceptibility is  measure of how much a material will become magnetized in an applied magnetic field. Whenever matter interacts with magnetic field, an internal magnetization or polarization ( J  ) is created which  either opposes or augments the external field.  If the polarization opposes the applied field,then the effective field within… Read More »

What is permeability?

what is permeability ?Permeability which is also called magnetic permeability, is defined as it is a constant of proportionality that exists between magnetic field  intensity and  magnetic induction This constant is approximately equal to  1.257 x 10-6 Henry per meter (H/m) in free space (a vacuum). In other materials it is much  different, often substantially greater… Read More »

What is Permittivity ?

what is permittivity??In electromagnetism permittivity which called absolute permittivity  is denoted by the Greek latter Ꜫ ( Epsilon). Ꜫ describe the amount of charge needed to generate one unit of electric flux in given medium The SI unit of Ꜫ is Farad/meter or F/m or F.m-1 Permittivity is the ability of material to store an… Read More »

What is Law of electrostatics?

Law of electrostatic comprise two laws First Law: Similar charge of electricity repel each other ,whereas dissimilar or unlike charges attract each other. Second law : The force exerted by two point charges Is directly proportional to the product of their strengths Is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them Is inversely… Read More »

what is RLC Circuit??

In this section we will discuss about RLC Circuit??? Resistance                  Resistance is the property of a substance due  to which its oppose the flow of electron i.e electric current through it .The unit of resistance is Ohm (Ω ) Resistance in Series If Resistance are connected in series ,Same current flows through all the… Read More »

Advantage of AC over DC

There is a lot of Advantage of AC over Dc but few advantages and disadvantages of AC over DC are given below. Advantage of AC Over DC The generation of a.c is more economical than d.c generation Advantage of AC over Dc is that alternating voltage can be easily stepped up or stepped down by… Read More »

Alternating Current and voltage

AC Current An alternating current is that which flows first in one direction in a circuit, which is called positive direction, then  flow in reverse direction which is called negative direction ,repeating such cycle of changes continuously. The graph to a base of time shows the waveform of the current as a succession of instantaneous… Read More »