What is Magnetism?

What is Magnetism?A magnetism is a phenomenon which is related to the magnetic field, which arise from the motion of electric charges and due to this motion field produced which attract or repel other objects. A magnet (from Greek magnetization stone) is a material ...Read More

What is Thermistor?

What is Thermistor?A resistor made of semiconductors having resistance that varies rapidly and predictably with temperature  is known as  thermistor . It (short for thermal resistor) is heat sensitive device usually made of a semiconductor material whose resistance changes very rapidly with change of ...Read More

Potential divider

Potential divider provide a convenient way of getting a variable PD (potential difference)from a  fixed potential difference .With the help of the battery a potential difference V is applied across the end A and B of the resistor.Let R be the resistance of the ...Read More