Transformer MCQs

Transformers are the device which is capable of receiving AC power at one voltage and delivering it at another voltage. In this way  transformer help in achieve better transmission efficiency, while transferring the power over longer distances with high voltages,In this article include transformer MCQs ...Read More

What is Magnetism?

What is Magnetism?A magnetism is a phenomenon which is related to the magnetic field, which arise from the motion of electric charges and due to this motion field produced which attract or repel other objects. A magnet (from Greek magnetization stone) is a material ...Read More

What is Thermistor?

What is Thermistor?A resistor made of semiconductors having resistance that varies rapidly and predictably with temperature  is known as  thermistor . It (short for thermal resistor) is heat sensitive device usually made of a semiconductor material whose resistance changes very rapidly with change of ...Read More

Potential divider

Potential divider provide a convenient way of getting a variable PD (potential difference)from a  fixed potential difference .With the help of the battery a potential difference V is applied across the end A and B of the resistor.Let R be the resistance of the ...Read More